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Raheela Hussain's Profile

Ms R Hussain, is a prolific Solicitor with several years of extensive experience in various areas of law. Her specialism is Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.

Ms Hussain has had a prolific career, having begun her career working for a government agency in the USA, providing legal defence to inmates on Death Row in San Quentin, California. Ms Hussain has a proven track record in arguing Human Rights law having successfully obtained legal status for many client’s over the years. 

Ms Hussain has held the position of Head of Immigration Department in leading large law firms in the UK and has helped establish associate offices in the Indian Sub-Continent to provide legal advice and assistance to client’s from Pakistan, India and the Middle-East.

Ms Hussain has authored numerous immigration articles which have appeared globally in leading newspapers, such as The Economic Times of India, Olay and Asian Voice.

Ms Hussain also authors monthly immigration articles for The Afronews, Expreso Latina, Ako Ay Pilipino and Punjab Express and she is cited as an author for providing legal guidance in the popular “The Migrant Guide for Africans” published in December, 2010. In addition, Ms Hussain’s immigration articles and commentaries are continuously published online at www.foreignersinuk.co.uk. So popular is the response to Ms Hussain’s immigration articles, that a forum has been established so that Greenfields Solicitors can answer reader’s questions on a day-to-day basis.

Ms Hussain has held the status of an Accredited Managed Migration and an Immigration & Asylum practitioner with Supervisory status. Ms Hussain currently holds the Police Station Accreditation which means she provides Duty advice and assistance to detainees at police stations.

Ms Hussain is widely respected by client’s and in legal circles for her high standard of work and straightforward approach which delivers results. Ms Hussain has an excellent success record in securing legal status for client’s both inside and outside of the UK and her client’s have proven testimony to her work. 
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