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Case Scenarios

Greenfields Solicitors vast expertise in Immigration, Human Rights and Nationality law is unrivalled. The firm maintains an extremely high success record with an average of every 3 out of 4 clients who have used the firm’s services, achieving success in their immigration matter. You can read our delighted clients’ testimonials at http://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/greenfields-solicitors.

Below are some common case examples where Greenfields Solicitors have successfully represented clients:

1. A Jamaican man has overstayed his visit visa by 6 years. He is living with his English, British born partner and they have a 2 year old son together. The Jamaican man looks after their child whilst his British partner works to support the family. He has not been in trouble with the police during his time in the UK and seeks to obtain legal status in the UK. Greenfields Solicitors submits an application to the Home Office on the basis of his human rights under Article 8, right to private and family life. The Home Office grant the Jamaican man with legal status by allowing him discretionary leave to remain valid initially for a 2.5 year period.

2. A Nigerian man has been involved in a long term relationship with a British born lady for many years. The British lady travels frequently to Nigeria to visit her Nigerian partner and he also visits the UK to spend time with her. Whilst the Nigeria man is in the UK on a visit visa, they decide that she should try to obtain a settlement visa in the UK based on their relationship and as they want to live together in the UK; they do not wish to marry but wish to remain long term partners. An application is submitted to the Home Office arguing that the English lady cannot re-locate to Nigeria due to her employment in the UK, her having a home and family in the UK and due to there being insurmountable obstacles in her having to leave the UK to live with her partner in Nigeria. The Home Office grant the Nigerian man with legal status to remain with his partner in the UK by allowing him discretionary leave to remain valid initially for a 2.5 year period.

3. A South African lady has been in the UK for several years and was last employed on a Tier 2 (General) visa but is now made redundant. Before her Tier 2 (General) visa expired, she makes an application to remain in the UK on the basis of her private life and as she has no relatives and nothing to return to in South Africa. The Home Office refuse her application but she is given an in-country right of appeal which she exercises and instructs Greenfields Solicitors to represent her in the appeal. At the appeal hearing, she is represented by a Barrister and explains to the Immigration Judge her circumstances in the UK and her difficulties in that she has nothing to return in South Africa. The Immigration Judge allows her appeal to be successful and she is granted with discretionary leave to remain valid initially for a 2.5 year period.

4. A Pakistani lady wants to join her British husband, who is self employed in the UK (and meets the relevant financial requirement), she wants to apply for a spouse visa from the British High Commission so that she may settle to live in the UK with her husband. However, she has a criminal conviction which she obtained a few years ago and she is concerned that this will adversely affect her visa application. Greenfields Solicitors represent the Pakistani lady and argue her spouse visa case in depth and make reference to the relevant immigration rules and case laws supporting her case: she is granted a 2.5 year spouse visa by the British High Commission as a result.

5. A Chinese lady entered the UK on a visit visa with her British son, who is aged 2 years old and was born in China. The Chinese lady’s husband is British by birth and so the child also holds a British passport. Whilst in the UK, the Chinese lady overstays her visit visa as her son has started school in the UK and applies for leave to remain with her husband and child rather than returning to China to apply for a spouse visa, which is usually the required route. Greenfields Solicitors represent the Chinese lady in making an application on a human rights basis arguing her family life with her British family members and based on the compelling circumstances of her case, the Home Office grant the Chinese national 2.5 years leave to remain in the UK to remain with her family.

6. A Ghanaian man has a young British child in the UK but he is not in a relationship with the mother of his child. He does see his son regularly and offers financial support and takes a parental role in his upbringing. The Ghanaian man has overstayed his last visa: Greenfields Solicitors represent him in making an application based on the best interests of his British child and also argue various immigration laws and case laws which support the Ghanaian man in his case. The Home Office grant the Ghanaian man with legal status by allowing him discretionary leave to remain valid initially for a 2.5 year period.

7. A Filipino lady in on the UK on a Tier 4 (General) student. She has British sister in the UK who suffers from serious medical problems. The Filipino lady wants to remain in the UK to care for her British sister as there are no other family members that can look after her sister. Following an appeal hearing, Greenfields Solicitors obtain for the Filipino lady discretionary leave to remain valid initially for a 2.5 year period.

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